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Cantovation and A-Prompt are proud to spotlight Sing & See:

Sing & SeeTM - visual display of the singing voice

Sing & See is the singing training software that teachers and singers all over the world are now using to improve their learning experience. It shows the singer and teacher visual displays that represent the voice - pitch, loudness, and timbre. This direct visual feedback enhances the spoken feedback that teachers give their students, and allows singers to see patterns in their voices that they might otherwise miss out on hearing.

Are you a teacher? Sing & See is a new tool for teaching singing that lets you show your students their voices - giving you a powerful explanatory tool and a way to enhance the teaching experience you can offer students.

Are you a singer? Sing & See gives real-time visual feedback, so you can instantly see what you've just sung by looking at the computer display - giving you precise information on how your voice is working and helping you to focus on improving your voice.


A-Prompt now offers the Sing & See line of products. Products may be available for same day shipping. Reseller and end-user inquiries welcome. Please call (800) 478-9515 or email to place an order.

Sing & See can help you to achieve your goals as a singer.


Sing & See converts sung sound into visual on-screen information about pitch, loudness, and timbre - you sing, and you see how you are singing.


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