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WinSTAT for Excel is the statistics Add-in for Microsoft Excel. WinSTAT allows you to take the data you have entered or imported into Excel and select your statistics functions using the Add-In menu right in Excel. All results appear as Excel tables and Excel charts. Read some good reasons for working with WinSTAT:

A wealth of statistics functions
The working environment of Microsoft Office
Freedom of design through self-made templates
Fewer steps to a finished report
Low Price

A Wealth of Statistics Functions
Can a program like WinSTAT compete with its "big brothers"?

Convince yourself that WinSTAT offers the functionality you need by glancing through the function reference list. And yet WinSTAT isn't overloaded with complicated options or command sequences. Everything you need can be specified via the easy-to-use menu and dialogs.

One more reason to let WinSTAT handle your statistics needs.

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The Working Environment of Microsoft Office
Do you work with Microsoft Office? Then you almost know WinSTAT for Excel!

Have you experienced some of the following difficulties with other statistics programs?

  • Troublesome data input: it often seems easier to enter the data using another program and then import. And still you have to fix things by hand. With every change of data the process starts over again.
  • The calculations are correct, but what do you do with the numbers? They must either be printed or integrated into a report. With its printing problems and export problems your program just doesn't seem to be state-of-the-art.
  • Graphics can be created, but they can only be customized using complicated dialogs. Printing and exporting is even more of a problem.

WinSTAT for Excel solves all of these problems!

Input your data directly in Excel, or use one of the many import possibilities that Excel offers.

Choose your statistics functions using the Add-In menu right in Excel. You never need to change programs.

All results appear as Excel tables and Excel charts. You have all of Excel's customizing features at your fingertips. Printing problems and export problems belong to the past. And integrating your results into a report is what Office is all about. You can copy to Word or Power Point and even dynamically link the results to your report.

One more reason to let WinSTAT handle your statistics needs.

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Freedom of Design through Self-made Templates
All WinSTAT results appear as Excel tables and Excel graphics. At first, each kind of report has its own standard look.

Now let your creativity show what it can do! You want to emphasize certain values using background colors or special fonts? You want to change the graphics colors and symbols for a presentation that reflects your design tastes? You want to insert your company logo? You have the entire power of Excel to customize your reports.

The best news: Once you've found a report form you like, just store it as a template. The next time you want an analysis of the same type, just choose the desired template from the combo-box. That's productivity!

One more reason to let WinSTAT handle your statistics needs.

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Fewer Steps to a Finished Report
You know how long it can take to get from data entry to a report ready for printing. Do you often have to create a completely new report even though nothing has really changed except the input data? Or you would like to repeat an analysis using a subset of the original data? Even WinSTAT can't do all the work for you the first time.

But look what it can do the second time through by cutting five steps down to one!

The 5 steps from Data Entry to the Finished Report:

1. Data Entry

2. Analysis Specification

3. Results

4. Customizing the Results

5. Inserting into the Report (e.g. Word)
Looking at the results in Figure 7.3, we see

Figure 7.3.

With WinSTAT you'll go through all 5 steps only once, because WinSTAT keeps a record of all the steps.

Now benefit from WinSTAT's One-Step-Solution:

Change the Data or enter new Data



The change is visible immediately, right through to your finished report
Looking at the results in Figure 7.3, we see

Figure 7.3

This innovative feature can save huge amounts of time.
One more reason to let WinSTAT handle your statistics needs.

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Low Price
WinSTAT for Excel costs only $99.00.

An incredibly good buy for this kind of performance.

One more reason to let WinSTAT handle your statistics needs.


Click here for instructions on downloading a demo.


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Function Reference List


  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Frequencies
  • Means
  • Test of Randomness
  • Test of Outliers
  • Test of Normal Distribution
  • Chi-Square Test
  • Crosstabs

Comparison of 2 Groups

  • t-Test independent
  • t-Test dependent
  • U-Test (Mann-Whitney)
  • Wilcoxon Test
  • McNemar Test

Comparison of N Groups

  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • Repeated Measures
  • H-Test (Kruskal-Wallis)
  • Friedman-Test
  • Q-Test (Cochran)


  • Pearson Correlaton
  • Spearman Rank Correlation
  • Kendall's Tau
  • Partial Correlation
  • Crosscorrelation


  • Simple Regression
  • Polynomial Regression
  • Multiple Regression

Cluster Analysis

Factor Analysis

Survivor Analysis (Kaplan-Meier)

Process Capability

Discriminant Analysis


  • Histogram
  • Means
  • Box & Whiskers
  • Scatter Plot
  • Cumulative Frequency
  • Quality Control Charts
  • Pareto Diagram

    Other graphics are integrated directly into statistical reports, for example:
  • Regression plots of simple and polynomial regressions
  • Factor loadings of a Factor Analysis
  • Dendogram of a Cluster Analysis
  • Survival probabilities of a Survival Analysis

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Download the demo version!

Note: WinSTAT for Excel requires Excel 97, Excel 2000, or Excel XP.

The demo version of WinSTAT is fully functional. However, it's use is time-limited to 30 days after the first installation. Downloading again or re-installing will not extend the demo time limit.

The complete help file with detailed instructions for all functions is included in the download.

And here's how to do it:

1. Click on the link below. This will download a file called winstat.zip, approximately 3 MB in size, to a folder of your choice, for example c:\temp\winstat\setup. This file contains the complete WinSTAT setup.
2. Extract (unzip) all files.
3. Execute the file setup.exe. This will perform the installation of the WinSTAT demo version.
4. After WinSTAT has been successfully installed, you may want to go back and remove all files under (for example) c:\temp\winstat\setup, since they are no longer needed.

Download Demo

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